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M97 series programmable DC electronic load
M98 series programmable LED DC electronic load
M88 series programmable DC power supply

M66 series multifunctional power supply

High power DC electronic load
High power DC power supply

Mobile testing power supply(Microamp)

M93 series programmable AC electronic load

Test System



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  • Low ripple and low noise
  • High resolution and accuracy (0.1mV/0.01mA)
  • Built-in high-accuracy 5 1/2 voltmeter and milliohmmeter
  • Supporting high-accuracy and dynamic programming output
  • High-luminance VFD screen with two lines& four channels display
  • Intellegent fan system fan will be automatically initiated according to the temperature
  • Supporting remote voltage compensation and multidata storage
  • Supporting external trigger input and output
  •  Power-on-self-test, software calibration and standard rack mount
  • Using standard SCPI protocol
  • Communication mode: RS232/RS485/USB.


Laboratroy testing, power electronics production line testing and other automatic testing  systems, etc. Functioning as voltmeter and milliohmmeter.




Input Rating

0-30V, 0-35A

Load Regulation

<0.01%+1mV, <0.01%+0.1mA

Setting Value Resolution

0.5mV, 0.5mA

Readback Value Resolution

0.1mV, 0.1mA

Setting Value Accuracy

0.01%+5mV, 0.05%+2mA

Readback Value Accuracy

0.03%+5mV, 0.05%+25mA


5mvp-p, 8mA rms

Voltmeter Accuracy

0-12V  Accuracy: 0.02%+2mV;   0-58V  Accuracy: 0.02%+5mV

Milliohmmeter Accuracy

10W 0-1000mOh  Accuracy:0.2%+3mOh;                         1000-10000mOh Accuracy:0.2%+6mOh

Working Condition

0~40oC;   0~90%RH

Power Required

AC 125V/220V+/-10%; 50/60HZ




482mm (W)*184.5mm(H)*531mm(D)


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