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M97 series programmable DC electronic load
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M98 Series programmable LED DC electronic load

    M98 series DC electronic load, as a new generation product of Maynuo Electronic Co., Ltd, is designed for the LED driver application. A special circuit is desiged for the LED driver on the base of the M97XX sereies. Incorporating high-performance chips, the M98XX series delivers high speed and high accuracy with a resolution of 0.1 mV and 0.01 mA (basic accuracy is 0.03% and basic current rise speed is 2.5 A/??s). M98XX series have wide application from production lines for cell phone chargers, cell phone batteries, electronic vehicle batteries, switching power supplies, linear power supplies, and LED drivers, to research institute, automotive electronic, aeronautic and astronautic, maritime, solar celland fuel cell etc.test and measurement applications.


  • Six high speed operation modes: CC,CR,CV,CW,CC+CV,CR+CV
  • Over current, over voltage, over power, over heating and polarity reversal protection 
  •  High-luminance vacuum fluorescent display (VFD) screen with two line, four channel display
  • Intelligent fan system will automatically activate based on changing ambient temperatures
  • Soft-start time setting, activating the power supply in accordance with the set voltage value 
  • Battery test and short-circuit test functions
  • Capable of rising edge and falling edge dynamic testing
  • Supporting external triggeron either input or output
  • External current waveform monitor terminal output terminal
  • Supports remote voltage compensation and multi-data storage
  • Power-on-self-test, software calibration and standard rack mountable
  • LED mode for LED power driver test, steaday reading, compatable with simulating the capacitances sensitive driver
  • Edits arbitrary waveforms in list function
  • Available with RS232/RS485/USB serial interfaces.

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